Why Oxi-Jewel Jewelry Cleaner?

Did you know that by simply wearing your jewelry it collects oils,lotions, dirt, grease, lint, and even
food particles, causing it to look dull and to sparkle less?

Oxi-Jewel Jewelry Cleaner will keep your jewelry clean and looking its best, by bringing back the sparkle and shine it had when you originally bought it.

  • Removes everyday dirt, grime, oils & lotions

  • Cleans behind stones in small holes and between
    gaps & crevices

  • No scrubbing or damaging delicate jewelry

  • Perfect for both Ladies & Men’s wedding bands

  • Cleaning only takes minutes

  • Great for Antique & Estate Jewelry

  • Great to travel with-Carrying case included

  • Designed by a Jeweler to clean his own jewelry

Oxi Jewel Safely Cleans and is Perfect for cleaning:

  • Diamond Rings

  • Pendants

  • Bracelets

  • Diamond Studs

  • Necklaces

  • Earrings

  • Gemstones

  • Gold & Platinum

diamond ring cleaner NYC

How It Works


Simply drop One PowerPod into boiling water and watch Oxi-Jewel safely clean your jewelry in minutes

Developed by a Jeweler to Safely Remove Everyday Oils, Dirt, and Lint from your Diamonds and Jewelry. Just Add One Oxi-Jewel Power Pod to boiling Water and Watch Your Jewelry Return to its Original Sparkle and Luster.

Whats Included

Diamond Cleaner for TravelingDiamond Jewelry cleaner

Included at no extra charge is a handy Plastic Travel Case

  • Perfect for Travel
  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Used by Jewelers Around the World

Each Box Contains:

  • 10 Powerpods
  • 3 Reusable Jewelclips
  • Full Color Instructions
  • Travel Case
Diamond Cleaner Reusable Jewelclips

Order Now

Diamond Jewelery Cleaner Pack Jewelry Cleaner 1 Box pack
1 Box: $9.99
Diamond Jewelery Cleaner 2 Box PackJewelry Cleaner 2 Boxes Pack
2 Boxes: $17.99
Diamond Jewelery Cleaning PackJewelry Cleaner 3 Boxes Pack
3 Boxes: $26.99


“For wholesalers and re-sellers of this product, please contact us at info@OxiJewel.com or 866 729-8625″


I was sitting here thinking how badly one of my necklaces needed to be cleaned when I was offered this product in exchange for an honest review. I really like this. With most jewelry cleaners you have to soak your jewelry for quite a while and then, you still have to use a brush to […]

- Tizzy-Licious Atlanta, Georgia

Works great better than expected! Took off dirt I didn’t even realize was on my jewelry and brought it to another level of shine I never expected! With this cleaner expect your jewelry to stay clean and shiny a lot longer and not have to use it as often!

- Kizzy DeSantis Austin, TX City